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Year 7 uncertainty must end

Friday 27 May 2011


"There has been a great deal of uncertainty since Dr Constable made her announcement about reviewing Year 7 arrangements, not just for parents and students, but also teachers and school staff," she said.

"A year has passed since Dr Constable announced the plan was under review and was to be taken to Cabinet. Five months ago she said a decision would be made in two to three months.

It's important that school communites know:

  • When the will change happen;
  • If it will apply to all schools and how slowly it will be introduced;
  • What it will cost and if the Education Department has to find the extra money from within its existing budget;
  • Why there has been no formal consultation process with school communities or discussion papers released; and
  • What proof the Minister has that this change will educationally benefit our children and why she has not released it.

 "Having raised the issue, it is now time to give school communities some certainty about their futures."