Janine Freeman MLALabor Member for Mirrabooka

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WA Labor has a plan to deliver a world-class rail system for Perth

Tuesday 18 Dec 2012 WA Labor has announced WA Labor's plan for rail in Perth, to be named 'METRONET'.

METRONET would see the construction of rail lines to Ellenbrook and Perth Airport, as well as a North Circle Line, a South Circle line, a Butler-Yanchep extension, an Armadale-Byford extension, an Atwell station and a Karnup station.

"Perth's rail system is a priority, for today and the future,"  said Mirrabooka MLA, Janine Freeman.

"Here in Mirrabooka we have a ridiculous situation where sometimes if you want to head East, you have to go South to the city first. This plan creates an East-West link that will be vital for local residents.

"Poor planning by the Barnett Government has resulted in a public transport network that can‟t meet the needs of our growing city, making life harder for people living in Perth."

"The Barnett Government has contributed to our congestion crisis by having the wrong priorities and cancelling promises, like the Greenwood station, the railway extension to Clarkson and the Ellenbrook rail line."

"WA Labor has built 110 kilometres of rail across Perth, compared to just 7.5 kilometres of rail under construction by the Liberals. WA Labor has a strong record in delivering rail systems, including the Joondalup and Mandurah lines.

Labor's construction priorities for METRONET include:

  • A rail line to the airport (12km);
  • Ellenbrook line (21km)
  • Extending Thornlie spur to Mandurah line (11.5km);
  • Extending Armadale line to Byford (7km);
  • Balcatta to Tonkin Hwy (11.5km)
  • Extending Butler to Yanchep (12.5km); and
  • New stations at Atwell and Karnup.