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Training numbers need to increase more

Friday 12 Aug 2011


Shadow Training Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich has revealed apprentices and trainees in training have only increased by 1,000 per year under the Barnett Government compared with 3,000 per year under Labor.

"The need for skilled workers is growing at a far greater rate than 1,000 per year." sais local MLA Janine Freeman.

"While skilled migration is an important part of any workforce development mix, the Minister has made it his only option after dropping the ball on training. This does not help our young people wanting to work."

"The Minister is spending half a billion dollars a year in his portfolio but we still have reports of State Training Providers (formerly TAFEs) and private training organisations having to turn away trainee and apprentice applicants because of a lack of funding.

"Western Australians should be able to get jobs in Western Australia".

To learn more about Labor's Skilled Local Jobs  legislation or the WA Jobs campaign, go to www.wajobs.org.au