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Time running out to replace your pre 1980 gas appliances

Wednesday 14 Sep 2011

 Janine said that changes to the natural gas supply, scheduled for early 2012, will mean that some gas appliances installed before 1980 will be unsafe or not able to perform as well and unsafe appliances could become illegal.

"The Appliance Rectification Program will replace unsuitable pre-1980 gas appliances including cookers, heaters and water heaters for brand new ones," Janine said.

"If you have a natural gas appliance that was manufactured and installed before 1980, it is important for your safety to get it inspected and possibly replaced before the changed gas supply."

People with pre-1980 gas appliances can contact the Appliance Rectification call centre on 1800 110 464 or complete an application form online at www.gasapplianceprogram.com.au.

"A member of the Appliance Rectification Team will call within 5 to 10 working days of receiving the form and if you fulfil requirements a licensed gas fitter would inspect the appliance at no cost and if following the inspection, the appliance is considered unsuitable for the changed gas supply, you may receive a brand new replacement appliance free of charge.