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Supporting the RSPCA

Friday 30 Oct 2015 The RSPCA is a highly-respected and valued institution in Western Australia.

Unfortunately the Liberal-National Government backed moves by the Shooters and Fishers Party, to set up a Parliamentary Inquiry into the powers and objectives of the RSPCA.

This is nothing but a blatant political witch-hunt.

I have called on Colin Barnett to immediately end this destructive and wasteful inquiry - but I need your support.

Rather than attacking the RSPCA and seeking to undermine its contribution in Western Australia, the Barnett Government should be praising the organisation.

You can help stop this attack on the RSPCA by pledging your support online.

If you are like me and want this destructive inquiry to stop now, help spread the word by sharing this campaign with your friends.

WA Labor supports the important role that the RSPCA plays in protecting the welfare of animals.

I stand with the RSPCA.