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Solar Jobs left in limbo

Thursday 15 Sep 2011


"As well as putting hundreds of jobs at risk, the suspension of the Feed-in Tariff scheme has impacted families looking to save money on electricity," local MLA, Janine Freeman said.


"Unless the Minister quickly determines a fair price for energy fed back onto the State's electricity grid, hundreds of jobs will be lost, businesses will fall over and warranties will be jeopardised.


"An employment catastrophe is on its way with mass redundancies within the next few months, as installations cease for pre-approved Feed-in Tariff customers.


"Sales in the industry have dropped between 60 and 90 per cent and many smaller businesses have already closed their doors.


"During the 2008 election campaign, the Barnett Government promised to introduce a 60 cent gross feed-in tariff but broke this promise almost immediately only changing this to a 40 cent net scheme."


"It then slashed the net rate to 20 cents before cancelling the scheme altogether.


"The Barnett Government never had a plan for renewable energy in this State, the Feed-in Tariff debacle is yet another example of its policy on the run."