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Premier Barnett simply must take public transport more seriously

Tuesday 05 Aug 2014

I've joined forces with the Youth Member for Mirrabooka, Shania Huntingford, to call on the Barnett Government to provide better public transport options for local residents.

Shania gave a great speech in Youth Parliament describing the problems that students and workers experience every morning on crowded buses.

She explained that many morning people are prevented from boarding buses because they are too overcrowded, which occasionally results in missing the start of school, or being late to work.

In the 2013 election, Premier Barnett promised better public transport, including Max light rail, but none of this has been delivered.

This is just one example of how the Barnett Government has failed the people of the Mirrabooka electorate.

Increased public transport use is better for the environment, it reduces traffic congestion, and it is a more affordable for people who are struggling with costs of fuel, car registration, and parking. 

Premier Barnett simply must take public transport more seriously. If he won't deliver on his rail promises, in the meantime his government must provide more frequent buses to meet increasing demand.


Picture by Marcus Whisson