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Papalia: Local Governent reform $7.2million for almost NO change

Friday 15 Apr 2011

Mr Papalia said in Parliament this week, Mr Castrilli was forced to confirm there were exactly the same number of councils in WA as on the day he issued his threat and began his reform process in February 2009.


“Asked how many councils there are in WA today, Mr Castrilli said ‘139’ and sat down,” Mr Papalia said.


“The incredible admission came before the Minister was forced to admit he had squandered $7.2 million of taxpayers’ money on his failed process.


“At Local Government Week two years ago Premier Colin Barnett said he wanted fewer than 100 councils, which would require 50 or more amalgamations. Two years later, Mr Castrilli has not achieved a single amalgamation.”


Mr Papalia said the Western Australian Local Government Association begged the Minister two months ago to accept that his process had stalled.


“Local Government zone councils representing councils across the State have asked the Minister to start again with an independent inquiry into governance in WA,” he said.


“They also asked the Minister to include Local Governments in the reform discussion – an amazing request that shows the Minister is completely out of touch with the entire sector.