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Mobile Phone do's and don'ts

Thursday 14 Jul 2011




  • Answer or make a call by touching the buttons on a mobile phone, but only if it is secured in a mounting;
  • Answer or make a call on an unsecured phone with a bluetooth kit;
  • Park in a legal parking space and make or recieve calls or use other functions;
  • Listen to music on your phone, as long as you don't need to touch it and can't view the screen from the legal driving position.



  • Dial or answer an unsecured phone;
  • Look at or send a text message or email whether the phone is secured or not;
  • Program or turn on the GPS funcion unless you are legally parked;
  • Watch a music video, video or anything else on your mobile phone;
  • Touch an unmounted phone for any reason;
  • Be able to see the screen of a car mounted television, video or DVD player.