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Missed Opportunities in Local Government

Friday 27 Sep 2013 Member for Mirrabooka, Janine Freeman said that the local government reform push by the State Liberal National Government had created fear and confusion in a speech in Parliament last night.

Ms Freeman pointed out that residents had been told prior to the election that there would be no forced amalgamations or boundary changes. The changes would need to be forced on them through retaining Dadour referendum provisions.

"The report of the Emeritus Professor Alan Robson made recommendations with a view to strengthening the standing of local government.

It appears that the government wants change for the sake of change and it will not let the people decide, and that is why we support the Dadour provisions. We support them also because they would enable the community to determine what is best for their community"

The problem we are now faced with is does the community simply accept a council stance for no change to their boundaries without a critical eye to what is in the best overall interest of their neighbourhoods and communities" Ms Freeman said.

Ms Freeman posed the hypothetical question that "the residents in Mirrabooka, Balga and Westminster have a council that has opposing strong interest groups on the coast and the heritage inner-city area. The question for the residents in Mirrabooka, Balga and Westminster is: if one of these areas goes into another municipality, would these areas be the beneficiary of such a change?"

She noted that the ad-hoc process driven by the State Liberal Government had not advantaged anyone and the emotional debate means we cannot have a reasoned discussion about the cost or benefits.