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Labor to fight on for WA Jobs

Thursday 01 Sep 2011


"Labor remains committed to pursuing all available legislative avenues to protect WA jobs." said Ms Freeman.

"It is deeply disappointing to see this State Government turn its back on local industries and on the hopes and dreams of many of our young people," she said.

"Labor will continue its campaign to ensure there is a transparent process in place so politicians and the big resources companies are held to account for the amount of work they bring to WA."

Labor Leader, Eric Ripper said the evidence was building for action despite the protests of the Premier.

"The Premier said the workshops would be full, and they aren't," he said.

"He also denied there was a resources boom despite every available economic indicator saying the opposite.

"He finally returned to reality today by admitting WA was going through an 'extraordinary period of growth', and we can only hope the amount of empty workshops and unemployed apprentices force him to realise the need for Labor's Bill to be passed.

"The Barnett Government's refusal to support Labor's Bill is great news for the workshops of South East Asia and bad news for Western Australians.

"Labor remains committed to local jobs and to spreading the benefits of the boom across WA."

To join the campaign, visit www.wajobs.org.au and make sure you sign and return the petition at http://www.janinefreeman.com/petitions