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Labor announces Container Deposit Scheme Legislation

Monday 17 Oct 2011

"This will greatly boost our recycling efforts", Labor Leader Eric Ripper said today.


Mr Ripper said the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) will have a wide range of benefits including a significant reduction in landfill, water savings, the creation of jobs and a reduction in clean up costs.


“Western Australia has the lowest recycling record of any state in Australia with the rate of  recycling bottles and cans at just 20 per cent,” Mr Ripper said.


“The CDS is expected to lift that rate by 70 percent, meaning there will be less land fill and a huge saving to our environment.


“Western Australians want this scheme and the environment needs it; we need action now.”


Shadow Environment Minister Dr Sally Talbot said the refund on cans and bottles will be 10 cents and the average saving for a household per year is between $8 and $11.


Dr Talbot said more than 90 percent of the community is supportive of the legislation, as is local government, the Waste Authority and Conservation Council of WA.


“There has been an overwhelming response from the community to introduce a recycling fund scheme for bottles and cans,” she said.


“This scheme also has the support of the Stakeholder Advisory Group Investigation into Best Practice Container Deposit Systems for WA.”


Mr Ripper said the Waste Authority will establish and manage the CDS, which will ensure openness, accountability and a transparent audit trail.


Mr Ripper said fears the scheme would increase retail prices proved baseless.


“South Australia has had a CDS for many years which has not affected the price of bottled drinks. The Northern Territory also has a Cash for Cans scheme starting later this year,” he said.


“Labor is calling on the Liberal-Nationals Government to support this bill as it is vital to our environment and will encourage Western Australians to recycle more.”