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Fast rail too slow for gridlock suburbs

Tuesday 05 Jun 2012

Ms Freeman said while she welcomed the $3.5million in 2012-13 State Budget for the planning of light rail she said residents have waited long enough to be included in State government decisions. 


“I often hear from residents that are concerned by road congestion and the time it takes to travel around local roads,” Ms Freeman said.


“Many people drive simply because public transport isn’t frequent enough or doesn’t go where they want it to go.


“There has been much change in the suburbs with increased urban density and therefore a fast and efficient transport system to the central suburbs, whether it is light rail or heavy rail, must be a priority.”


Ms Freeman said a safe efficient cycling network for the area is also an issue that the Barnett Government has failed to address this year’s Budget.


“A safe efficient cycling network is one of the key issues I want to improve and is an important way to promote healthy sustainable communities,” she said


“It is disappointing the bike strategy in this year’s Budget will not see an improvement in bike infrastructure along Alexander Drive.


“Currently the bicycle path down Alexander Drive is inadequate; it has gaps which interrupt continuity and impairs the path as an option for bicycle commuters.”


Ms Freeman said affordable housing was also not made the priority it needed to be in the Budget.


“Despite my repeated questions in Parliament there is no indication what the Barnett Government will be doing with the Department of Housing land in Mirrabooka.


“This land needs to be developed to help meet the current shortfall in housing for the area.


“Overall the State Budget was disappointing and did not deliver for the people in the Mirrabooka area.”


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