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ERIC RIPPER Minister McSweeney must answer allegations of stand over tactics

Thursday 08 Sep 2011


Mr Ripper said former spokesperson for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) Michelle Stubbs' wrote a letter to all Liberal Members of Parliament expressing her 'contempt' for Minister McSweeney.


Ms Stubbs' letter alleged that on August 11, 2009, before the Barnett Government announced its cuts to Redress WA payments, Mrs McSweeney:


'called me at home to ask me if I would, and I quote, "let this one go through to the keeper.'


"This behaviour is highly inappropriate," Mr Ripper said.


"It's completely unethical for the Minister responsible for overseeing the Redress WA program to contact, and attempt to influence the behaviour of a Redress WA applicant while their application was still being processed.


"This type of intimidation is completely improper."


Mr Ripper said he was concerned about the bullying and abusive tactics used by Mrs McSweeney.


"It is not appropriate for a politician to call a Redress WA applicant at home to ask for support for government policy," he said.


"Ms Stubbs said she found the behaviour of Minister McSweeney highly offensive.


"Mrs McSweeney needs to publically explain her actions and reveal if she acted alone or if it was part of a wider Government strategy."