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Barnett's rising TAFE fees hurt students

Tuesday 20 Jan 2015

Janine Freeman at Balga TAFE

Last year the Barnett Government increased TAFE fees by up to 390%, and since 2013 they have risen by up to 515%.

Before 2014 courses were capped to just $1250. Now students may face a maximum fee of up to $2500 for Certificate 1-4 courses, and in some cases even the $2,500 cap has been removed entirely.

A diploma of nursing went from $1862 to $9131 - that's a 390% rise.

These fee increases will put TAFE courses out of reach for many young Western Australians.

The Barnett government's increases will especially hurt young people, people returning to the workforce, and new migrants - they rely on affordable TAFE courses to get the skills they need.

These fee increases will also lead to long-term skill shortages in areas like disability services, aged care, and nursing

At a time when industry is experiencing shortages in key trades, these fee hikes will hurt our economy and discourage people from learning the important skills to do jobs we all rely on.

Find out how you can join the campaign against these cuts here


Photo by Marcus Whisson at the Eastern Suburbs Reporter