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Barnett Government's fee hikes will put TAFE out of reach

Wednesday 29 Jan 2014 TAFE students are being reduced to tears at the massive increases made by the Barnett Liberal government in TAFE fees this year, which make study unaffordable for many young people, with some choosing not to enrol, and others reluctantly signing up to large student loan debts.

The fee increases target areas such as nursing, digital media, engineering, aged care, health services and apprentices.

As Member for Mirrabooka, Janine is collecting signatures for a petition calling on the Barnett Liberal government to reverse these unfair and unjustifiable increases to fees and charges at Polytechnic West.

The future of Western Australia depends on the training and career development provided by TAFEs such as Polytechnic West in Balga, and is too important to be sacrificed because of the Barnett Government's financial mismanagement.

To sign the petition, contact Janine's office on 9345 2005 or visit us at Unit 4/1 Chesterfield Road, Mirrabooka.