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Barnett Government slashes Solar Panel scheme

Monday 01 Aug 2011


When the 150MW cap is reached no more Western Australians will be able to apply for the program because the Barnett Government will not fund it past this point.

"This is a Government that campaigned on an election promise to introduce a 60c gross scheme and then announced it would pursue a net scheme. It then slashed the net rate from 40c to 20c in this year's State budget. Now, it's slashing the scheme altogether," Janine said.

"Since the Barnett Government was elected, they have taken steps to make this scheme less and less attractive to those who believe in a renewable Western Australia. Now they are going to wind the scheme up.

"Western Australians who may have been saving for solar panels to reduce their bills will be faced with a door being slammed in their face.

"There are so many Western Australians finding it hard to make ends meet because of skyrocketing utilities prices. Installing solar panels was the last avenue left for some locals to relieve the pressure of electricity bills and now that is closed to them.

"Western Australian families should be allowed to do all they can to reduce their bills and the Barnett Government is giving them little opportunity to cope."

Shadow Minister fror Energy, Kate Doust said "If the Barnett Government was serious about climate change it would reinvest the massive profits it is making from increased electricity tariffs into ensuring the electricity network can cope with more small renewable energy generators," she said. 

"This is a Government addicted to utility dividends, that isn't interested in helping Western Australians escape their bills.

"This issue highlights for the Barnett Government for what they are. It's about broken promises, a lack of credibility on the environment, penny pinching and no regard for WA jobs and people suffering with electricity bills."