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Barnett admits Government commitments won’t be costed

Monday 19 Nov 2012

Premier Colin Barnett’s haphazard approach to State finances were on display again today, as the Premier admitted not all of his Government’s commitments would be fully accounted for before the State election in March 2013, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said when questioned about the Barnett Government’s funding for clinical mental health services, Mr Barnett said ‘no one goes to an election, you know, sort of costing out every element in the budget…’

“Mr Barnett’s admission shows he will promise things he has no intention of delivering during the election,” Mr Wyatt said

“The Premier’s comments follow Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore’s August admission in the Parliament that the Liberal-National alliance meant all Liberal Party commitments would be subject to negotiation after the 2013 State election.


“Quite simply, the Barnett Government cannot be trusted on its announcements.”

Mr Wyatt said Mr Barnett had a long history of promising things only to find them go missing from the budget papers.

“He has made a career out of ignoring the forward estimates and it now appears he is applying this haphazard approach to costings,” he said.

“It’s no wonder the State is faced with such record debt when the Premier has such a cavalier attitude to the State’s finances.

“Every voter in WA will expect all parties to have their promises costed line by line and to expect anything less is the height of arrogance.”